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RRMI Client Testimonials

Analytical, Proactive and Responsive

I would recommend, and have recommended, RRMI to others. RRMI worked with us to develop a fact-based process that meets our needs and achieves equitable results. RRMI’s knowledge of and experience in the industry does not hinder their ability to look at issues from a fresh perspective and to suggest a novel approach.

We have seen economic improvements while working with RRMI as a result of their timely and comprehensive, yet efficient, investigative process. Their efficiency often enables us to develop our strategy for resolution at an early stage, rather than prolonging the outcome.

Ms. Leean Greenwald
(Former) Vice President - Litigation - RailAmerica, Inc.

(Present) General Counsel - Patriot Rail Company LLC

The claims managers at Railroad Risk Management are professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. They are also “user friendly.”

I would recommend Railroad Risk Management to any insurer who writes railroad policies and any other commercial risks.

Mr. Turner B. Williams
Attorney at Law
Burr & Forman, L.L.P.

Three words to describe RRMI’s services — diligent, responsive, cost effective.

I would definitely recommend RRMI to any insurer who writes railroad policies. Their expertise in this field doesn’t compare to any other independent adjusting service I have ever used. The staff has extensive experience handling railroad claims. Their investigations are thorough and their communication is always prompt.

I truly believe that the adjusters at RRMI are looking out for my company’s best interest when they make recommendations for investigating and resolving claims. Claims are handled objectively, effectively, and efficiently. I trust them to do what is necessary and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Ms. Jennifer Bodkin
Senior Claims Examiner

National Interstate Insurance Company

Yes, I would recommend RRMI to others. RRMI’s expertise is unmatched in the industry, yielding very positive results.

The pro-active claims handling approach has been embraced by RRMI and we have enjoyed the fruits of their labor. RRMI’s claim handling has positively impacted our bottom line by saving defense costs and by achieving a significantly lower average paid claim.

RRMI is a very valuable member of our claims handling team and I am very confident in the abilities of all staff members.

Mr. Randy Pollok
(Former) Manager Casualty Claims - RailAmerica, Inc.