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About RRMI

About RRMIRailroad Risk Management, Inc. was established in the summer of 2000. Its creator and founder, President/CEO Jeff E. Hinkle, is a third-generation Class I railroader. Jeff began his railroad career as a brakeman in the transportation department of Norfolk Southern, formerly Norfolk and Western Railway. His experience with the transportation department proved to be invaluable upon advancing his position to the claims department in 1984. As a claim agent with Norfolk Southern, Jeff was noted for his out-of-court claims settlement ratio, and was awarded “Claim Agent of the Year Award” in 1989.

In the early 1990’s, Jeff transitioned to the emerging regional and short line railroad market. He has thrived in this area of the industry ever since and has never looked back. To date, Jeff has been instrumental in the development of third-party risk and claims management services for Class II and Class III railroads coast to coast, utilizing a proactive, rather than reactive approach to investigation and claims handling. Jeff has structured the company on an adherence to moral and ethical principles, thereby ensuring the integrity of the relationship with RRMI’s clients.


Railroad Risk Management, Inc. works in conjunction with a railroad’s in-house personnel and insurance carrier to coordinate a complete investigation and resolution in a manner that keeps all interests fully informed and involved in the joint decisions necessary to bring each matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

RRMI believes that full communication and cooperation between railroad and insurer from the outset is paramount to afford each the benefits of properly conducted claim investigations and administration.

RRMI further believes that the best defense is prevention. RRMI's experience in claims, law, safety and operations puts us in a unique position to help identify and resolve potential liability exposures.